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Morooka Rubber Tracks A crawler carrier is similar to a dump truck, in being that it can move a variety of materials, except it runs on a rubber-track undercarriage and offers a rotating upper structure like an excavator. Crawler carriers can be customized to fit any job application and terrain because of their excellent load capacity, traction and maneuverability. The rubber tracks and undercarriage system generate a considerable amount less ground pressure than tires. The crawler carrier hauls more than most tracked skid steers and wheel loaders, roughly the same as medium-sized dumps and less than big dumps and artics. Some of crawler carriers common uses are stream and river restorations, roadbuilding on forestry lands, lake reclamation, hauling and dumping in and around wetlands, work on slopes and on pipeline jobs that require minimal environmental impact.
Rubbertrax, Inc. offers the following tracks in these models:

IHI IC-100-2Kubota RG 30Messersi CH I
Messersi CH 2Messersi CH 3Morooka MST600
Morooka MST600VMorooka MST600VDMorooka MST700
Morooka   MSZ2000 Morooka   MST2000(ECT) Morooka   AT800
Morooka   MST2300 Morooka   MST2200 Morooka   MST1900
Morooka   MST1800 Morooka   MST1700
Morooka   MST1100
Morooka MST2000Morooka MST2200ECTMorooka MST2200V
Morooka MST2200VDMorooka MST7000Neusson RK 15
Yanmar C 8 RYanmar C10RYanmar C10R-1
Yanmar C12RYanmar C20RYanmar C25R
Yanmar C30RYanmar C30RY-1Yanmar C50R
Yanmar C50R-1Yanmar C50R-2Yanmar MCG 100
Yanmar MCG 111FYanmar MCG 13
Source: Equipment World & Morooka   |  Call: 866-431-5305   |   Atlanta, Georgia USA
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