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Compact Tool Carriers/ Utility Loaders/Mini Track Loaders/Mini Skid Steers

Compact Tool Carriers/ Utility Loaders/Mini Track Loaders/Mini Skid Steers are innovative and extremely versatile machines that only take one person to operate while completing a multitude of tasks. They can drive dozens of attachments to trench, lift, break and move about anything in tight areas which makes them a great choice for landscapers, irrigation contractors, plumbers, electricians, and property owners.

Some of these machines come in both tracked and wheeled models. Rubber tracks are a smart option because they work on wet, soft or muddy conditions, with minimal ground disturbance.

Some of their attachment capabilities include: lifting, mixing, carrying, leveling, cultivating, grinding, grading, augering, trenching, tilling, raking, demolishing, sweeping, filling, carrying and digging.

These machines are available with the easy to use walk behind design or the stand behind platform. There are advantages to both walk-behind and stand-on units, depending on the type of job you are working on.

    Walk Behind
  • slower, more comfortable walking speed
  • ideal for inexperienced operators, like homeowners
  • less operator fatigue
  • less damage to the turf/ground
  • lessen the risk of operator injury
  • greater productivity

Advantages of Compact Tool Carriers/ Utility Loaders/Mini Track Loaders/Mini Skid Steers:

  • the stand-on capability gives the operator 360 degree visibility
  • less ground disturbance
  • turf friendly tracks
  • minimizes hand labor
  • attachments
  • variety of attachments tackle numerous jobs
    Transportation and Operation
  • easy to transport/haul
  • less training to operate than larger machines

Rubbertrax, Inc. offers the following tracks in these models:

Up to 601 lbs
Ditch Witch SK350Stand-on
601 lbs to 801 lbs
Ditch WitchSK500Walk-behind
ToroTX427 NarrowStand-on/Walk-behind
ToroTX427 WideStand-on/Walk-behind
ToroTX525 NarrowStand-on/Walk-behind
ToroTX525 Wide Stand-on/Walk-behind
801 lbs to 976 lbs
Boxer530 DXStand-on
Ditch WitchSK650Stand-on
976 to 1,500 lbs
Rubber Tracks for Toro Dingo
Toro Dingo Tread Pattern
Now offering ToroDingo® rubber tracks for the following machines:   |  Call: 866-431-5305   |   Atlanta, Georgia USA
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